From Struggling Start-Up To Success Story
From Struggling Start-Up To Success Story
From Struggling Start-Up To Success Story

From Struggling Start-Up To Success Story

Strategic intervention and transformation

High overhead was eating up profits! We developed a secondary income stream that eventually became so successful it overshadowed the original business!

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From Struggling Start-Up To Success Story


*Names Were Changed For Privacy and Integrity

Transforming Deliciousness by Berger from Charcuterie Boards to Profitable Catering Events

Yaakov, a passionate entrepreneur, launched Deliciousness by Berger with a vision to create and distribute exquisite charcuterie boards. His commitment to quality was evident in every board he crafted—each one a testament to his love for food, combining visual appeal with delightful flavors.

However, Yaakov soon realized that the beauty of his creations was just one part of the business equation. The other, more challenging aspect, was managing the overhead costs. These expenses, crucial to the operation of his business, began to escalate, threatening the financial stability of Deliciousness by Berger. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Yaakov understood that professional assistance was essential to steer his business back on a profitable course.

It was at this juncture that Yaakov turned to Better Ledgers. Initially, he sought our expertise in fractional bookkeeping and business coaching, hoping that a clearer financial picture would reveal where efficiencies could be gained. Yaakov’s goal was straightforward: to understand his financial outflows and identify areas where expenses were not contributing effectively to his business growth.

The High Overhead Dilemma

The primary issue was not the cost of goods sold, such as the premium ingredients for each board or the high-quality packaging, but rather the escalating overhead costs, particularly rent. As demand for his unique charcuterie boards increased, so did the need for more extensive production and storage facilities. This expansion led to a substantial increase in rental expenses, which, unlike the costs of goods sold, did not directly contribute to the production of each board but were essential for running the business.

The rise in overhead costs was further compounded by other fixed expenses. Necessary utilities, insurance, accounting services, and even maintenance costs added layers of financial pressure on Yaakov's business. These were costs that remained constant regardless of the number of boards sold, and they began to significantly impact the company's bottom line. The surge in demand, while indicative of the market's appreciation for his products, paradoxically brought with it a set of challenges. The increased sales were a testament to the business's success in attracting customers, but the simultaneous rise in overhead costs threatened to erode the profitability that Yaakov had worked so hard to achieve.

With all these factors combined, Yaakov found himself navigating a tricky path. On one hand, there was the undeniable success and popularity of his products, but on the other, the mounting overhead expenses, especially rent, posed a constant threat. The situation highlighted a crucial aspect of business management - balancing growth with sustainable operational costs. It was clear that continuing on this path without addressing the escalating overhead could potentially lead Deliciousness by Berger into financial trouble rather than the continued success that Yaakov had envisioned.

A Secondary Income Stream

In the midst of financial challenges, we at Better Ledgers recognized that a significant shift was necessary for Deliciousness by Berger to regain its financial footing. The solution, however, wasn't in the traditional approaches of simply cutting costs or pushing for higher sales volumes. Instead, it was about innovating the revenue model. Our collaborative brainstorming with Yaakov led to a groundbreaking idea: branching into catering events.

This strategic pivot to event catering was a game-changer. Why this direction, you might ask? The transition to catering events was a natural extension of Yaakov's existing business, leveraging the resources already in place for his charcuterie board production. This meant we could avoid significant additional expenses while opening up new revenue opportunities. More importantly, event catering allowed Deliciousness by Berger to serve larger groups, tapping into a market segment that promised higher returns per event compared to the sales of individual charcuterie boards.

The Strategy Shift

The shift from charcuterie board production to event catering was a game-changer for Deliciousness by Berger. It not only helped control overhead costs but also significantly boosted revenue! In fact, within just one year of implementing this new strategy, Yaakov's annual revenue increased threefold!

But it wasn't just about numbers - our tailored solution brought other benefits, too. With his business model now, Yaakov could cater to larger groups at once, saving time and resources per order compared to before. This meant he had more time on hand, which he utilized to grow his venture further through networking or exploring newer markets.

Looking back, Yaakov admits that approaching Better Ledgers was much more beneficial than expected. It wasn’t merely a bookkeeping service but an all-encompassing strategic partnership to achieve sustainable growth!

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