How QuickBooks Query Turned Into A Game-Changing Partnership.
How QuickBooks Query Turned Into A Game-Changing Partnership.
How QuickBooks Query Turned Into A Game-Changing Partnership.

How QuickBooks Query Turned Into A Game-Changing Partnership.

Value Addition Beyond Services

Discover how the founder of a consulting firm leveraged Better Ledger’s expertise to streamline his bookkeeping processes.

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How QuickBooks Query Turned Into A Game-Changing Partnership.


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When One Question Leads To More Than Just An Answer!

Shmuel of Eminence Coaching Services provides strategic consulting and coaching services. But like most solopreneurs, he was handling his bookkeeping—a task that can be daunting if not done right.

One day, when Shmuel needed help with QuickBooks Online, he posted on WhatsApp Status: “Who is familiar with QuickBooks Online? I have a question regarding how to set up recurring payments for inconsistent amounts?” It wasn't long before our co-founder Ami saw this post and decided to lend him a hand.

Better Ledgers' Tailored Solution for Eminence Consulting

Ami quickly stepped into action. It turned out that Shmuel had client cards on file, which he charged after each meeting based on an invoice created in the moment. After clarifying the difference between sales receipts and invoices—and even offering to show him once they met—the realization dawned upon them both - there was more value here than just answering one-off questions about bookkeeping software.

The challenge wasn’t rooted in capability but in the nature of business operations. As a solopreneur, Shmuel found himself wearing multiple hats, oscillating between strategist and accountant roles. While multitasking might seem efficient, it often leads to a thin spread of focus, especially when dealing with financial details that demand precision. In Shmuel's case, handling client invoices and payments became increasingly intricate due to the inconsistent billing amounts.

Impactful Results from Better Ledger's Involvement

The collaboration between Eminence Consulting and Better Ledgers marked the beginning of a significant transformation for Shmuel’s business operations. The process of handling client invoices and payments, once a source of complexity, was streamlined into a hassle-free operation. This strategic change saved valuable time and allowed Shmuel to redirect his focus on core business activities, primarily his consulting and coaching services.

The partnership with Better Ledgers extended its benefits beyond the confines of Eminence Consulting. Shmuel’s clients, who frequently faced their own financial queries and challenges, now had access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise through his association with Better Ledgers. Whenever a client posed a bookkeeping or financial question, Shmuel was able to facilitate answers from our team of experts. This addition significantly increased the value Eminence Consulting offered its clients, reinforcing Shmuel’s reputation as a well-rounded, resourceful business consultant.

As any of his customer's questions also get answered by the Better Ledgers team of experts

A Partnership That Transcends Traditional Boundaries

For Shmuel, the alliance with Better Ledgers did more than just streamline his bookkeeping processes. It opened a gateway to a reservoir of financial knowledge and expertise, significantly enhancing the service he could offer his clients. This extended benefit of our collaboration is a testament to our commitment at Better Ledgers to solving immediate financial issues and providing continuous support and education.

This holistic approach is particularly impactful for solopreneurs like Shmuel, who often find themselves isolated when tackling the multifaceted challenges of running a business. Our partnership with Eminence Consulting breaks this isolation, offering Shmuel an expanded network of resources and expertise. As a result, he is better equipped to address his financial queries and those of his clients, thereby adding a valuable dimension to his consulting services.

But perhaps most importantly, this collaboration highlights how outsourcing doesn’t just mean delegating tasks—it means gaining access to expertise you might not have otherwise had at your disposal.

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