Office Management For Those Going Remote



Comprehensive support to manage various aspects of your businesses remotely and efficiently.

In today's digital age, businesses, no longer tied to one location, can hire remotely, but finding the right talent can be challenging, especially when it comes to geographical restrictions or budget constraints.

At Better Ledgers, we provide comprehensive virtual office management services that allow tradespeople, solopreneurs, and small business owners the freedom they need while ensuring their operations run smoothly.

The Power of Virtual Office Management:

Our experienced team handles remote employees efficiently - from setting up work schedules to tracking productivity levels. You focus on your core tasks while we ensure your staff delivers results as expected.

We Help You Find Virtual Employees:

With our vast network of professionals across various fields, we source high-quality remote employees tailored to your needs at competitive rates so nothing stands between you and success!

We Manage Your Virtual Office

Our virtual service acts as an extension of your team, by taking care of responsibilities like training, monitoring, and time management.

Enhancing Efficiency through Innovation

Our flexible and innovative services give us space to work with a wide range of businesses. We highlighted some features to give you an overview of our process.

Guiding Processes and Procedures for Optimal Performance

Our processes and procedures advisor service helps you streamline your operations by creating standard operating procedures, training new hires, and ensuring compliance with industry standards. We work closely with you to develop new strategies for improvement while ensuring they align with the overall growth strategy for your business.

The Impact HR Administration Employee Onboarding Training

Onboarding new employees could impact productivity levels negatively if not done correctly! Our Human Resource administration feature takes off managing onboarding and training employees from you. We ensure that new hires are well-integrated into the team and trained to perform their roles effectively.

Leveraging Time Tracking for Effective Project Management

Time tracking is essential for managing projects effectively. Remote teams pose a challenge because work is carried out across various time zones worldwide, making traditional methods ineffective. We use a virtual video office solution to run your office like in the modern-day metaverse. Also included is a robust time-tracking system, allowing you to monitor progress and allocate resources more efficiently.

Video Offices is one of the many innovative and modern solutions we apply to our day-to-day workflow, and we could also help you do it.

The Need for Administrative Support

Many business owners, especially tradespeople, need help with file management, email overload, appointment scheduling mishaps, or document preparation chaos.

Have you ever found yourself drowning in a sea of administrative tasks?

The Struggles of Running a Business Alone

It's easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of tasks that always seem to continue, from HR administrator to project manager, leaving little time for strategic planning or growth.

What if someone could take over these tedious yet essential tasks while you focus on steering your company toward success?

The Better Ledgers Advantage

Our virtual office management service takes the load off you by handling all HR administration, like employee onboarding, training, time tracking, and project management. We highlighted some use cases for our customized virtual office solutions.

We manage your back-office operations and become trusted partners who help streamline processes for efficiency while identifying potential areas that can benefit from virtual work.

Back Office:

Back office support includes creating databases, regular data entry tasks, and ensuring accurate record keeping. Plus, reporting has become easier than ever before!

Administrative Support:

Administrative tasks like file and email management ensure you receive critical communication. Plus, appointment scheduling makes sure your calendar is constantly updated.

Customer Service:

Support includes efficient client inquiry handling, ensuring no query goes unanswered. Additionally, we provide timely after-sales support, always making customers feel valued.

Project Manager:

From initial planning to execution, we manage timelines, resources, and deliverables. Your project manager works closely with you to ensure that every aspect of your project aligns with your business goals, maintaining constant communication to adjust and optimize processes.

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Office Management For Those Going Remote